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Smile and Everyone smiles with You!

We all know that negative emotions and stress can compromise your immune system and eventually lead you to dis-ease. Feeling good or happy on the other hand adds years to your life.

The late Candice Pert, neuroscientist and leading edge mind-body researcher discovered that we are naturally programmed for bliss. Scientists have discovered that through Facial Feedback Hypothesis we can help ourselves come back to feeling good.

The brain releases neuropeptides when we smile and through a complex feedback loop it tells us that we are feeling good or happy. Simply, in reverse, we can do a smile, and the muscles of our face give feedback to our brains communicating through these neuropeptides, turning on the feel good factor. The brain also releases dopamine, endorphins and serotonin, all necessary for our wellbeing.

The next time you find yourself having a rough time, why not pick yourself up quickly by smiling?

Do the smile exercise.

Smile for one minute ( Exaggerate the muscles in your face if need be). For longer term effects, start your day with a smile and end your day with a smile. Somewhere in between during the day find time to smile.

Notice how when you feel good inside that everyone around you seems to also exude a positive vibe. You may even have people smiling back at you.

If you would like to have more positive outcomes in life, begin with little steps within. Then you will see the results in your life. A positive being manifests a positive life.

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