Cacao for a Healthy Heart

Cacao is widely known as the Food for Gods. It is no wonder that eating chocolate makes us feel good. Have you ever wondered why? Cacao is nature's way of helping us to love more and to be happier. It makes us open our hearts. One of YummyMe's motto is to spread love through chocolate.

Recent studies have found that Cacao is beneficial to people prone to heart and stroke conditions. Cacao is rich in flavanols and procyanidins that are beneficial for vascular function. These phytochemicals help to decrease the risk of heart disease. It helps to reduces LDL (‘bad cholesterol’) and helps to moderate inflammation and improve blood flow. In Chinese Medicine, the Qi (life energy) is connected to the blood flow. Consuming cacao helps us to open up to more life and to open our hearts more. Cacao is also high in polyphenols which helps with getting rid of free radicals (which attributes to dis-ease) and preventing cellular oxidation (degeneration). The research shows that less than 100 gm per day of 70% dark chocolate, can help keep our hearts and vascular system healthy. Imagine that, we can have something delicious and yummy, and it helps our bodies stay healthy!

When you're shopping for cacao products, look for high content cacao solids (dark). White chocolate does not count. It's best to avoid refined sugars, dairy (especially if you’re concerned with high fats), preservatives, artificial flavourings and other additives. If you are able to consume cacao nibs, this would be a good way to consume cacao. For those who prefer chocolate, our YummyMe line of chocolates are produced to give you a delicious healthy chocolate.

All our chocolates are handmade lovingly in small batches. They are organic and vegan, with the added value of a message in each one. To give you an even more exquisite experience of enjoying our chocolates, come to one of our Meditation with Chocolate events.

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