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Feel Your Best - Laugh a Lot

Higher Self Intuition with chocolates from

You cannot feel good if your body doesn’t feel good. Just as you look to your Self for guidance, listen to your body for feedback. Your body and your mind work together as a unit and there is no separation. Breathe plenty and deeply, it helps to replenish your vital life force. The body is an incredible machine and it takes a lot to impair it. Dis-ease comes from us not listening to the body and the ongoing messages that it has been giving us. Support the body with healthy eating and drink good water. Practice moderation and get sufficient rest so that your body has time to rejuvenate and replenish. Find the right exercise for you. If you’re not inspired to do it, you simply won’t do it. Movement helps the body and the energy meridians to flow. When you feel good, you will naturally feel positive and have an optimistic outlook in life. Finally laugh a lot, it will make you live longer.

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