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Blossoming into the true ecstatic you

Striving for goals that are not set in stone, Enjoy chocolate with

Earlier in life, I spent many years living an unfulfilled life. I found myself stressed out, in poor health but ‘doing okay’. In truth, I was striving for goals that were not mine, but in fact were my mother’s. I was living the life that she wanted, only not really. With conflicting values ruling me, I still didn’t do it right! Over time, my life fell apart. I resorted to taking a year out of my life to rediscover who I really was. Since then, it has been an enlightening journey. I embarked on a holistic counsellor training program which introduced me to various modalities. I went on to study Reiki, Huna (Ancient Hawaiian Teachings), Tantra, Bodywork, Colour Light Therapy and Tachyon Healing. My learning continues today. I was blessed. Many human angels helped me on my path to self realisation. In turn, my wish is to be a human angel for another.

So, what is the true me and how will I come to know that?

What is it that I wish to experience?

How do I feel about this and how does my body respond?

Does this make me open up to possibilities or do I feel resistance?

These are six things I wish to share. May they be helpful for unfolding the True Ecstatic You. Tomorrow I will post step one, see you then.

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