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Everyone loves chocolate. What makes YummyMeChoc.com different is that we not only provide you with a delicious, healthy, pure chocolate, but something a little more - a special message of Self Love. Our fast paced world, emphasises the importance of doing and getting a lot done. Little is spent on simply Being. YummyMeChoc.com is about You loving your Self and giving time each day to tune in, to be nurtured. It is about being present with Your Inner Being - your true essential nature. Once you are over flowing with love, you will naturally share that love with others.


Our chocolates are handmade lovingly and imbued with 9 intentions. These are innate qualities that are fundamental to creating and living a purposeful life. Eat a little chocolate each day and feel happy. Better still do the Chocolate Meditation - click here for instructions. and be inspired by the message that you are about to receive.


Enjoy our chocolates and share your story with us!


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Our chocolates are an exciting assortiment of delightful flavours and a synergy blend of herbs, spices and essential oils. They are all lovingly handmade at temperatures less than 40 degrees Celsius to retain the highest nutritional value of the cacao. All ingredients from YummyMeChoc.com are organic or Fair Trade, wherever possible. They are provided by small sustainable companies with high ethical values from around the world. In addition, each chocolate contains an edible, special rice paper message.


They are free from preservatives, colouring, emulsifiers or fillers. It will suit all diets; free from dairy, soya, gluten, corn syrups, fructose and refined sugar.


We recommend storing uneaten chocolates in the refrigerator to preserve freshness. Some recipes contain nuts, hence for any nut allergy concerns, please click here to consult the ingredient listings of our chocolates.





YummyMeChoc.com Chocolates are lovingly made and during the meditation it will give you a unique experience! This simple but effective method will give you new insights into the magic of eating chocolate or any other food. You may be surprised to find what feedback your senses give you.


Cultivating expanded awareness in eating, may give you a blueprint to developing new awarenesses in other areas of your life. Each chocolate carries a special message, It may be just what you have asked to receive that day. Let it be fun and joyful experience, enroute to becoming a YummyMe.





As a company, we are committed to supporting you, our client, in feeling well and balanced. We believe that, to be able to live to our highest potential, we want to feel fully Yummy and blissful within. Our purpose is to help you become that. Whilst our chocolates are made to nourish you, our messages are to lift and inspire you.


Let yourself overflow with love from yummymechocs, love is catching. As you dream to live your purpose set things in motion, celebrate and then watch what happens around you.


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