About my Chocolates

Our chocolates are an exciting assortment of delightful flavours and a synergy blend of herbs, spices and essential oils. They are all lovingly handmade at temperatures less than 40 degrees Celsius to retain the highest nutritional value of the cacao. All ingredients from YummyMeChoc.com are organic or Fair Trade, wherever possible. They are provided by small sustainable companies with high ethical values from around the world. In addition, each chocolate contains an edible, special rice paper message.

At YummyMeChocs we believe in all things fair and good;

Our ingredients are 100 percent natural, where possible, we try to source our produce with the local farmers, across the globe. YummyMeChocs endeavour to source the ingredients personally from distributors worldwide, ensuring all these products adhere to an organic or Fair Trade standard.

Ingredients used in our production line means none of our chocolates are nut free, if you have inadvertently received one of our YummyMeChocs and you are allergic to nuts, please return to us for a full refund.

They are free from preservatives, colouring, emulsifiers or fillers. It will suit all diets; free from dairy, soya, gluten, corn syrups, fructose and refined sugar.


We recommend storing uneaten chocolates in the refrigerator to preserve freshness. Some recipes contain nuts, hence for any nut allergy concerns, please click here to consult the ingredient listings of our chocolates.


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