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 Chocolate MeditatioN

Are you finding yourself running around constantly, and not giving yourself time to eat properly? Do you give priority to other things in your life, before you give to yourself? If so, STOP and give to you!


Experience our chocolates with a Chocolate Meditation and begin to live your life in a whole new way.


YummyMe is about feeling nourished on all levels of your being.

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How to do a chocolate meditation

Find a quiet and comfortable place to be in. Allow yourself to be totally present in this process. You may wish to take a few slow deep breaths to help you relax. Take your time, this can be a timeless experience.


Take your piece of chocolate and gently breathe in the aroma from it. Allow the fragrance of it to tantalise your taste buds, as you prepare to take your first bite.


Place the morsel into your mouth and allow the chocolate to melt slowly on your tongue. Close your eyes to bring more focus to the experience. Take another breath in and relax. As the chocolate dissolves on your tongue, become aware of the blend of ingredients that gives this chocolate its flavour. Continue until you have consumed all of it. 


Once you have consumed your chocolate, with eyes still closed, give yourself a moment to bring awareness to your heart centre.  As you  tune in, become aware of what you are feeling in the moment. Become aware of any insights or messages arising from within. Contemplate the message. When you are ready open your eyes and continue on with your day.


Come to one of our events

At YummyMe, bringing chocolates to you is our joy and expression.

We would also like to provide you with something a little extra special.

Due to the current lockdown, our events are temporarily on hold.

We look forward to having them again when the lockdown is over.  

For the time being, please join us for a free Chocolate Meditation via Zoom.

Please register to join the event .

No upcoming events at the moment
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