Chocolate Meditation

Instead of rushing around with a bar of chocolate in your hand, or eating on the run, we suggest that you take time out in your day to savour our chocolate through a Chocolate Meditation. YummyMe Chocolates are designed to nourish and give you the fullest experience on all possible levels!

Find a quiet and comfortable place to be in. Allow yourself to be totally present in this process. You may wish to take a few slow deep breaths to help you relax.

Open the wrapper, read the message that comes with the chocolate. (The message is made of rice paper and may be eaten afterwards if you wish.)

Break off a piece of chocolate and gently breathe in the aroma of the chocolate. Allow the fragrance of it to tantalise your taste buds, as you prepare to take your first bite.


Place the morsel into your mouth and allow the chocolate to melt slowly on your tongue. Close your eyes to bring more focus to the experience. Take another breath in and relax. As the chocolate dissolves on your tongue, become aware of the blend of ingredients that gives this chocolate its flavour.

As you taste the next piece, take a moment to consider the message enclosed. You may wish to contemplate how this message is relevant to you in your life.

Take your time, this can be a timeless experience and when you are satiated, you can get on with your day feeling refreshed and renewed.


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