Self Love

With a little Chocolate

Meet Soham

I’m committed to supporting you in feeling well and balanced. I believe that, to be able to live to our highest potential, we want to feel fully Yummy and blissful within. My purpose is to help you become that. Whilst my chocolates are made to nourish you, the messages are to lift and inspire you.

Why meditate with chocolate?

My chocolates are lovingly made and during the meditation it will give you a unique experience!


This simple but effective method will give you new insights into the magic of eating chocolate or any other food. You may be surprised to find what feedback your senses give you.

Cultivating expanded awareness in eating, may give you a blueprint to developing new awarenesses in other areas of your life.


Each chocolate carries a special message, It may be just what you have asked to receive that day. Let it be fun and joyful experience, enroute to becoming a YummyMe.

I would highly recommend the Innocence workshop we did with Soham.
The workshop really helped me feel free and relaxed from my every day hustle and bustle mom life! It gave me a real moment to reflect and give myself some quality needed time; the chocolate is just scrumptious! It was an added bonus to the overall wonderful experience.

~ C Campbell


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