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Eat a little Chocolate

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We want you to feel & be Yummy

At YummyMe, we have taken cacao, a beautiful gift from nature and combined it with other ingredients to make a delicious range of healthy, heart opening chocolates. These chocolates made with care and conscious intention, aspire to help you feel good in every way. 

YummyMe maintains a vision and purpose to spread love to everyone. Cacao is the perfect medium for doing this. The amazing cacao plant contributes many elements to the wellbeing of a person, including chemicals for dilating the arteries, giving a feel good quality in the brain, sustaining the body with plenty of antioxidants and minerals. The pure and wholesome ingredients are tastefully combined to nourish and satiate the body for a Yummier You.

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enjoy your chocolate in a meditation

Take one of our lovingly made chocolates, add a chocolate eating meditation to it and capture a new experience.


This simple but effective method will give you new insights into the magic of eating chocolate or any other food. You may be surprised to find what feedback your senses give you.

Cultivating expanded awareness in eating, may give you a blueprint to developing new awarenesses in other areas of your life.


As the chocolate opens your heart, sit in stillness and ask for a message. Receive. It may be just what you needed in that moment. Have fun and now try it with another. You may be enroute to becoming a YummyMe.


I would highly recommend the Innocence workshop we did with Soham.The workshop really helped me feel free and relaxed from my every day hustle and bustle mom life! It gave me a real moment to reflect and give myself some quality needed time; the chocolate is just scrumptious! It was an added bonus to the overall wonderful experience."

~ C Campbell

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